Post Graduate Certificate Course for Professional Development (PGCCPD)

Centre for Research and Education for Social Transformation (CREST) having mentoring support from the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode and the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore invites applications for five months Post Graduate Certificate Course for Professional Development (PGCCPD) from candidates belonging to SC/ST/ OEC/OBC.

PGCCPD course has been designed to provide soft skills to enable candidates to compete for jobs in open market and for higher studies. The CREST, formerly the Centre of Excellence – Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode has conducted thirty one PGCCPD programmes since 2002 and a large number of the alumni are now employed in reputed firms in India and abroad. The five months course comprises of training in Personality Development, Communication, IT, Quantitative & Analytical skills and Entrepreneurship Development.

Out of the forty seats available for the course, 28 are reserved for SC, 8 for ST and 4 for OEC/OBC. Admission is based on Degree level marks, and interview. Masters/ Professional Degree holders will be given preference. Those who have secured CGPA grades at Degree/PG Degree, should give the actual percentage of marks obtained with sufficient proof thereof. If eligible candidates from ST/ OEC/OBC are not available, the seats will be filled up by eligible SC candidates. Selected candidates will be given Rs.6,000/- to meet their accommodation & food expenses. Maximum age limit for application is 28 years.